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Ranked choice voting solves problems

These days it feels like politics is tearing us apart. Big money and cutthroat political consultants push candidates to pander to special interests and donors.

This can happen because whenever there are more than two candidates in a race, politicians can win by splitting the vote, even when 60, 70, or even 80% of voters oppose them.

Voters need the power of ranked choice voting now more than ever. When candidates only need to win a fraction of the public’s support, they don’t need to listen to voters like us. They’ll listen to the special interests and donors instead.

Is ranked choice voting the solution?

More power:

We deserve fair, balanced elections. Candidates should win elections with a majority of voters’ support. Ranked choice voting helps put elections back on track.

More voice:

Ranked choice voting increases your freedom as a voter. You can vote for the candidate you like the most without the risk of helping elect the one you like the least. Your second or third choice will get your vote if your top choice has too little support to win.

More choice:

Ranked choice voting opens the door for more everyday people to run for office, not just the political elite.